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For children with a body harness or spica cast by hip dysplasia

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Hartan prams, the best for your child!

Every model and all assecoires are available in all colours. Please take a look at the complet collection of Hartan prams and we make sure that it is deliverd at your home. Kiek Hip Wear is the supplier of Hartan in the Netherlands.

Please send us your wishes at model, colour, assecoires, wenn do you need it. We'll inform you about the delivery date. You can also call us on 0031-85 877 5119.

Download brochure Hartan 2017

The different Hartan models are:

Hartan BuggyiX1
Hartan Racer GT
Hartan Racer GTS
Hartan Skater GT
Hartan Sky GTS
Hartan Topline S
Hartan Topline X
Hartan VIP GT
Hartan Xperia
Hartan Zwilling ZXII